Shipping Policy

Shipping & return policy

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Shipping & return policy for ExtraWebShop.com (EWS) and product partners.

Shipping & return policy for ExtraWebShop.com

Delivery delays

Normally an order will be delivered within one to three business days. If a product would be out, we will contact you and consider how to handle the order. If a buyer think the orders delivery time is to long and the buyer no longer wants the product, if so, it's the buyers responsibility to cancel the order, within the buy conditions before the order is taken out. Partial deliveries of orders are only on request from the customer and result in an additional delivery costs.


A chosen company according to the delivery route takes out all our deliveries and it will be presented before the order is being sent, usually the mail service, and the price of the delivery will be verified in the transporters price list. Then it's the customer’s responsibility to check that the address given in the order is correct and the customer complies with the transporter and receives it in fair time, usually nine (9) days after we sent it.

Order method (for deliveries in Sweden)

We send products with a cash advance by credit card or a deposit on our bank account. Deliveries can be sent with cash on delivery in Sweden. Note: In the event of payment with cash on delivery (only available in Sweden, Finland and Denmark), an additional fee will occur, and is being paid at the point of pick up. The fee is depending on the country the products are sent to. In Sweden the fee is 50 SEK. The law for returning of products applies to unbroken package - in the case the customer is still liable for delivery fee.

Payment via cash on delivery (Sweden) or pre payment
Late payments and packages not picked up.

If you don't pay the invoice in time we will send you a reminder, and a charge of 50 SEK (~$7.00) is added. In addition an interest according to the Swedish interest law, a base rate of 8 % is added. If you, despite the reminder don't pay, you will be blocked from our customer file and the subject is sent to collection of debts. If a package is not picked up, customers will be invoiced 150 SEK plus delivery fees. If payment is not made before expiration date as set by the invoice, it will be sent to collection of debts.

Terms for deliveries outside Sweden.

Deliveries outside Sweden can only be made with credit card or pre payment. There is an additional charge for transports to abroad on all orders. Most kindly contact us via our e-mail or the contact-page.
Note: The terms can be different for some countries outside Sweden.

Change of an order

The customer has the right to change the order until the product / products are packed and sent. The price that is valid to the product is the price at the time of the change

Canceling an order

If you, contrary to expectation, want to cancel an order, it's totally free until it's packed or sent. Usually we send your product after we receive your payment. Canceling an order after it has been sent is not possible. You, as a customer, are in debt to receive the consignment. Canceling of a non-storage product that was formed especially for a customer cannot be done after we ordered the product from our provider or programmed it ourselves. A cancel is not valid until we receive the actual report in our offices.


We reserve the right to replace a non-function product with a product of equivalent value if an identical product not is available at the time of a return product.

Order Confirmation

When you have done your order there will automatically be sent a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided. Be careful in filling out your address.


Complaints must be done in a reasonable time from the discovery of the fault. If a complaint is received after the warranties expirations date the buyer must prove the problem was there from the delivery moment.


At a dispute, and the customer is a private person, our policy is to follow the swedish ARN (Allmänna Reklamationsnämndens) recommendations. Disputes between two or more companies, as a rule, will be settled in court.


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