About ExtraWebShop

ExtraWebShop.com — Your complete webshop solution

ExtraWebShop.com helps companies with interesting and ethical products and services to sell through our online shopping solution.

Web Shop Features:

  • Full product definitions; product name, description, picture, price, weight, color, item no, affiliate commission, etc
  • Create infinite sub catalogs
  • Customer and wholesaler pricing
  • Affiliate Commission System
  • Many payment gateways available; PayPal, E-gold, E-bullion, and many more

CV - Commissionable Value.

As a member in the affiliate system Extraincome.nu, you will get a bonus for everything that is purchased in the webshop that is connected to the peronal members page. If you're not a member yet, please contact the person that tipped you of ExtraWebShop.com, then register at his/her personal Extraincome.nu homepage.

All products and services in the webshop has a certain point value on which the commissions are calculated - it's called CV - and stands for Commissionable Value. The CV (points) of products can vary a lot depending on how much commissionable value a product has, that is, how much of the retail (customer) price can be distributed as commissions. 1 CV = $1.

Example: a product that cost $100 has 40 CV, which means that totally $40 of the $100 can and will be distributed as commissions through out the Commission Plan.

If you have any special request about ExtraWebShop.com, please contact us.

If you have any special requests to our Product Partners or about a specific product, please contact the company directly.



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